Classes Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

We are a traditional karate dojo that belongs to the roots of Goju-Ryu. We offer classes for everyone, ages 4 and up. With kids and adult classes, you can feel right at home.

Shihan Vassie Naidoo, 8th Dan, is Vice President of Seiwa-Kai International and represents 34 countries worldwide. He travels to Japan annually.

He extends his love of karate to kids and adults, focusing on technique, discipline, and stress relief.

Our welcoming community is here to help you achieve your training goals while teaching you practical, powerful techniques that are useful in real-life situations.

Kids Karate Classes

We offer karate classes for kids ages 4 and up. Our instruction techniques focus on the needs of each individual student to help them improve in their own journey. Group class settings allow friendships, cooperation, and teamwork to flourish.

With an emphasis on self control, focus, and discipline, students learn lifelong skills that will help them not only in their karate practice, but also in school and their relationships with others.

They also gain valuable skills in self-defense so that they can feel confident and empowered.

We offer specialized classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. They will learn basic karate skills, kata and sparring techniques in a fun and motivating environment. Karate games at the end of each class allow them to strengthen their skills while having fun.

Whether your child is in preschool, elementary school, or in their teen years, we have a class that is just right for them.

Contact us to join a free trial class or to get more information about our class offerings.

Adult Karate Classes

Our adult karate classes focus on karate fundamentals and self-defense techniques while providing a challenging workout. We offer all adult levels of training from beginner to advanced (ages 14 and up).

Learning traditional Goju-Ryu Seiwa-Kai karate builds strength, agility, coordination, and fitness, while cultivating the aspects of the classic martial arts principles of: discipline, focus, perseverance, and respect.

For white belt through black belt karateka, Adult Classes focus on karate fundamentals. There are three main sections of karate: basics (kihon), forms (kata), and sparring (kumite). All of these promote health, fitness, and discipline through structure.

Basics (kihon) covers stances, punches, blocks, and kicking techniques. Forms (kata) covers choreographed patterns of offensive and defensive karate moves that are practiced alone. This includes the application (bunkai) of the techniques in the kata. Sparring (kumite)—which can be trained for sport or self-defense—covers how to react to an adversary and training is conducted with a partner in preparation for a real-life situation.

Adult classes help to develop and maintain fitness, build stamina, balance, strength, agility, and self-confidence while teaching traditional karate fundamentals for all levels of skill.

Contact us on how to take advantage of a free-trial class or for more information on our membership and class offerings.

Private Training

Whether you are just starting out as a beginner or have years experience in Goju-Ryu Seiwa-Kai karate, scheduling a private session with Shihan Vassie Naidoo will give you a jump up in your training.

Shihan Vassie Naidoo is an 8th degree black belt and Vice President of Seiwakai International. He is a world renowned instructor who trains instructors, as well as students, worldwide.

His expertise in the technical aspects of kata and kumite will allow you to start out your training correctly so that you have a strong foundation to build upon.

More advanced students can benefit from private training as well. Shihan Vassie Naidoo will help you to refine your stances, kata forms, and kumite to help you advance to the next level.

Training with Shihan Vassie Naidoo also allows those who prefer to train in private, due to health concerns, to avoid larger group classes.

We are here to help you to accomplish more. Schedule a private training session today to discuss your individual goals and come up with a plan to reach them!